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  • Writing Label Paper
  • Writing Label Paper
  • Writing Label Paper
  • Writing Label Paper
Writing Label Paper

★ Surface material: Made of pure wood pulp paper, fine and smooth, smooth surface, easy to color, and pleasing to the eye.

★ Environmentally friendly water glue: uniform glue application, high adhesion, not easy to overflow glue, smooth printing, and no damage to the printer.

★ Uniform inking: printing blackness is pure, patterns are clear and clear, visual comfort, high purity, high texture, high density.

★ Excellent workmanship: neat cutting, low paper dust, not easy to jam, wider applicability.

Writing paper is a common and widely consumed cultural paper, suitable for official documents, diaries, forms, contact books, account books, record books, etc., for writing. Self-adhesive, also known as self-adhesive paper or self-adhesive paper, is composed of surface materials, adhesives, and backing paper materials.

When writing self-adhesive labels, pay attention to temperature control at 10-24°C. If it is lower than 10°C, the stickiness of the self-adhesive labels will decrease.

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