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  • White PP Label Material
  • White PP Label Material
  • White PP Label Material
  • White PP Label Material
White PP Label Material

★ Corrosion resistance

★ Rust resistance

★ Portability

★ High temperature resistance

★ Anti-aging, long service life

★ Excellent surface finish

★ Sufficient thermal stability

★ Low thermal melting rate and excellent surface smoothness


Advantages of PP in label printing:

The biggest feature of PP polypropylene film material is its excellent transparency, and transparent PP has great advantages in various films. There are two types of surface treatment for PP: corona and coating. Most of the PP used for label surface materials has been biaxially stretched, that is, BOPP. The treated label facestock is thin and tough, suitable for high-speed processing, die-cutting and automatic labeling. Because of the good transparency, there is a feeling of no label on the label attached to the transparent bottle. The thickness of the film used for compounding is 15-25um, and the thickness of the film for printing is 40-80um.

Application of PP in label printing:

PP is an environmentally friendly label material that has developed rapidly in recent years. PP has poor printability, and was mainly used for tape products such as sealing tape, stationery tape, glazing film, etc. in the early days. With the development of technology and environmental protection requirements, PP synthetic paper labels made by calendering and foaming processes The material came into being. After surface treatment, the printing adaptability of PP synthetic paper is greatly improved, and it is widely used in daily cosmetics, shampoo, supermarket frozen labels, electrical appliances labels, etc. The ultra-permeable film in PP synthetic paper has become an ideal material for most cosmetics and shampoo labels. This ultra-transparent environmental label is called "UNLOOK LABEL" in Europe.

PP is often used for product labels with high performance requirements against water, oil and chemicals, especially for advanced labels. It is more common in cosmetics, personal hygiene products and other daily chemical products and promotional labels. Certain treated BOPP materials are suitable for thermal transfer printed information labels. In addition, BOPP has become a common material for premium beer labels.

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