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  • Laser Label Sticker
  • Laser Label Sticker
Laser Label Sticker

Laser materials not only have a novel and bright appearance, but also have high-tech anti-counterfeiting functions.


In terms of product composition, laser film products can be roughly divided into three types: BOPP laser film, PET laser film and PVC laser film.

1. BOPP laser film

Advantages: high tensile strength, good barrier performance, high transparency.

Disadvantages: The elongation rate is lower than that of PP, and the heat sealing performance is poor. It is not easy to seal when used independently. When used, it is generally combined with PE and other films with good heat sealing properties.

2. PET laser film (polyester)

Advantages: good weather resistance, high temperature resistance of 100-150 degrees, good hardness and smoothness. The thinnest is 1.2 wires.

Cons: Cannot be used on products with angles or corners.

3. PVC laser film (polyvinyl chloride)

Advantages: good flexibility, good weather resistance (SPVC), Likexin only makes 4 filaments, which are generally used for self-adhesive products.

Disadvantages: Not environmentally friendly, so many international brands rarely use products of this material. This product is mainly used for anti-static protection, as well as the surface of wooden speakers.

How is the laser film printed

Laser film generally adopts computer dot matrix lithography technology, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology, etc. The holographic image with rainbow dynamics and three-dimensional effect is transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated substrates by molding, and then the surface of the product packaging can be obtained with a certain laser effect by lamination, hot stamping, transfer, etc.

What is the function of laser film?

Laser packaging materials not only have a novel and bright appearance, but also have high-tech anti-counterfeiting functions, and are known as the most cutting-edge technical products in the world's packaging and printing industry. The application fields of laser materials have been very extensive, and they have been rapidly promoted in industries such as food, medicine, daily chemical products, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, gift packaging, and decorative materials.

The characteristics of laser film

1. Inherent fragrance, strong anti-counterfeiting performance, beautiful, green and environmentally friendly;

2. High resistance to ink erosion, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc.;

3. The laser film has high gloss for cigarettes, and the holographic layer endows the film with better antistatic, anti-adhesion and high machine adaptability.

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