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  • PET Label Material
  • PET Label Material
  • PET Label Material
PET Label Material

PET label material characteristics

★ Good hardness and brittleness

★ Waterproof

★ Oil-proof

★ Non-tearable

★ High temperature resistance


PET labels generally refer to self-adhesive labels made of PET. PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film, which is a polymer material. Likexin PET self-adhesive has good hardness and brittleness, can withstand a certain high temperature, resist harsh environments, and resist the corrosion of acids and alkalis and other chemicals. It is very suitable for outdoor and high-quality self-adhesive labels.
Common types of PET stickers include dumb silver stickers, dumb white PET stickers, bright silver stickers, bright white PET stickers and transparent PET stickers.

Although the polyester material is thin, it has high strength, and the surface coating is conducive to ink adhesion, but it needs UV light to cure during the printing process. High-performance adhesives are suitable for a variety of surfaces, and are applied to product logos after processing and printing.

PET label material characteristics
Good hardness and brittleness, waterproof, oil-proof, non-tearable, high temperature resistance.

PET label applications
Electronics, home appliances, automobiles, chemicals and other industries.

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