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  • White Copper Plate Label Paper
  • White Copper Plate Label Paper
  • White Copper Plate Label Paper
  • White Copper Plate Label Paper
White Copper Plate Label Paper

★ Fabric classification: 50g-128g coated paper/aluminized coated paper/FSC certified coated paper;

★ Glue classification: water glue/hot glue/black glue/removable glue/oil glue/tire glue/(normal sticky/additional sticky/strong sticky);

★ Backing paper classification: glassine bottom/yellow bottom/white coated plastic bottom/double glassine bottom.


Types: single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matte coated paper, cloth grain coated paper.

Application Fields: Coated paper commonly used printers are barcode printers, which are widely used in industrial production lines, inventory management, supermarkets, clothing tags and other places where labels are used more.

Features: It can be divided into matte, plain and bright, with good color reproduction and moderate thickness.

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