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  • Thermal Label Paper
  • Thermal Label Paper
  • Thermal Label Paper
  • Thermal Label Paper
  • Thermal Label Paper
  • Thermal Label Paper
Thermal Label Paper

★ Fabric classification: one anti-thermal paper/three anti-thermal paper

★ Glue classification: water glue/hot glue/removable glue/(normal sticky/additional sticky/strong sticky)

★ Bottom Paper Classification: Glassine Bottom/Double Glassine Bottom

What is thermal label paper?

Thermal label paper is specially treated and has high heat sensitivity. Thermal label paper is usually divided into three layers. The bottom layer is the paper base, and then the thermal coating and protective layer. The thermal layer and protective layer are Important reasons that mainly affect the quality of label paper. If the coating of the thermal paper is uneven, when the label is printed with barcode printing software, some places will be dark in color, and some places will be light in color, and the printing quality will drop significantly. If the formulation of the heat-sensitive coating is unreasonable, it will affect the storage time of the label paper.

Preservation of thermal label paper

The protective coating of thermal label paper is an important factor in ensuring the shelf life of label paper. It absorbs part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating, slows down the deterioration of the printing paper, and protects the printer components from damage. Good thermal label paper can be stored for 5 years or even longer after printing. However, if the heat-sensitive coating is not handled properly, it may only last for a few months.

Application of thermal label paper

The material characteristics of thermal label paper are not waterproof, oil-proof and tearable. It is mostly suitable for shopping malls, electronic scales, printing paper for cash registers, commodity price tags, frozen fresh food, chemical laboratories, etc.

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