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  • Kraft Paper Sticker
  • Kraft Paper Sticker
  • Kraft Paper Sticker
  • Kraft Paper Sticker
Kraft Paper Sticker

★ The material of kraft paper is retro and atmospheric, which not only has a sense of reality, but also gives people an elegant and unique feeling.

★ It is suitable for snacks, tea, takeaway, handmade products and other industries. Since the kraft paper is not waterproof, it is easy to tear.

★ Not suitable for refrigeration, industrial manufacturing and other industries.


Kraft paper is a tough and water-resistant packaging paper with a brownish-yellow color and a wide range of uses. It is often used to make paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sleeves, files, and sandpaper. Kraft paper has a high tensile force, and kraft paper stickers are a composite material that is coated with an adhesive on the kraft paper and uses silicon-coated protective paper as the base paper.

Compared with bleached paper, kraft paper has many unique advantages:

1. For the packaging of household food, such as barbecue food or home-cooked food, the natural brown color of kraft paper makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic.

2. The steak restaurant with wooden decoration as the main body and with a rustic atmosphere, kraft paper for take-out food packaging, you can feel the style of the restaurant even if you don’t eat in the restaurant.

3. The unique appearance of kraft paper alone is more prominent than the overall white packaging.

4. The popular kraft paper labeling is mostly used for sealing handmade products, such as some specialty packaging bottle caps, kraft paper labeling, and printing of personal contact information and other information to achieve the role of transmitting information.

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