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Analysis of current situation, development trend and leading enterprises of China's paper packaging industry in 2022
Source: Shenzhen Likexin Industry Co., Ltd Date of issue: 2022-09-19

1. Current situation of China's paper packaging industry

(1) Market size:Data display,In 2021, the total operating revenue of the national packaging industry will be 1.20 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 16.39%, 17.56 pct higher than that in 2020. Among them, the market size of the paper packaging industry reached 319.203 billion yuan, accounting for 26.51%, which is the second highest proportion of the packaging industry's operating income.


(2) Market concentration:The market concentration of China's paper packaging industry is not high. According to data,In 2019, China's paper packaging industry CR5 was only 4.4%, compared with 78% of the U.S. CR5, and the market share of 90% of Australia's CR2 still lags significantly.


(3) Market development drivers:

01. Environmental protection packaging drives the incremental demand for packaging. With the strengthening of the prevention and control of plastic pollution in China, plastic packaging materials will be converted to biodegradable materials such as packaging paper and white cardboard. The rise of alternative demand for "paper instead of plastic" has contributed to the demand increase of the paper packaging industry.

02. Leading enterprises continuously consolidate manufacturing advantages, and intelligent manufacturing helps improve production efficiency. In recent years, the leading enterprises in the paper packaging industry rely on the combination of endogenous growth and external expansion, and their production scale has been growing, which has helped the development of the paper packaging industry to a certain extent.

2. Development trend of China's paper packaging industry

(1) Integrated printing technology will improve industrial production efficiency

Remote control, automatic printing, automatic registration digital control, automatic fault monitoring display, shaftless technology, servo technology, host wireless interconnection technology, etc. have been widely used in printing equipment. The above-mentioned emerging technology can enable the printing machine to add any unit and post printing processing unit, and realize offset printing, flexographic printing, silk printing, glazingUV imitation, film covering, bronzing and die cutting functions in one production line, so that the production efficiency of the equipment can be better improved.

(2) Cloud printing and Internet technology will become an important direction of industry reform

It effectively solves the prominent contradiction of decentralized packaging industry. The Internet connects all parties in the packaging industry chain to the same platform. Informatization, big data and intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide customers with fast, convenient, inexpensive and high-quality integrated services.


(3) The development of intelligent manufacturing and digital printing technology will promote the change of industrial production process

With industry4.0 With the promotion of the concept, intelligent packaging has begun to come into people's view, and intelligence will become the blue ocean of market development. It is an important trend for paper printing and packaging enterprises to transform to intelligent manufacturing in the future. The Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation and Development of China's Packaging Industry and the Development Plan of China's Packaging Industry (2016-2020) and other documents clearly point out the industrial development goal of "improving the development level of intelligent packaging, and improving the level of information, automation and intelligence of the industry".

3. Leading enterprise in China's paper packaging industry

(1) Shanying Paper:The main business of the company is the production and sales of carton paper, corrugated base paper, special paper, cardboard and paper product packaging, as well as the trade of recycled fibers at home and abroad. The main products are "Shanying Brand" various packaging base paper, special paper, cardboard, carton and other paper products, which are widely used in consumer electronics, household appliances, chemicals, light industry and other consumer and industrial products industries. The paper product packaging business accounted for 21.38% of the company's total revenue.

(2) Jinjia Shares:The company's products are mainly used in the packaging of fine tobacco and wine, electronic product packaging, cosmetics packaging, personalized customized packaging of consumer products, etc. On the basis of the existing new packaging industry, the company actively explores the application of new technologies, and strives to make packaging an important part of products with more functional attributes by applying more cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things in packaging products. Paper product packaging business accounts for20.80%。

(3) Hexing Packaging:The company has been focusing on the development of corrugated paper packaging industry for many years, and has established to meet customers' packaging needs for quality, environmental protection and safety,The brand effect of "Hexing" has become one of the important advantages in the process of competition between the company and other enterprises. The paper product packaging business accounted for 70.75% of the company's total revenue.

(4) Yutong Packaging:The company's paper packaging products are boutique boxes, manuals, cartons, etc., precision plastic products are cosmetic packaging pumps and other precision plastic parts, functional material die-cutting products are cushion pads, shock absorption foam, protective films and dust-proof mesh, etc., and cultural and creative printing products are personalized customized printing products, Chinese paper printing products and publicity products. The customers served by the company are distributed in consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, tobacco and alcohol health, cosmetics, food and luxury goods and other industries. Paper product packaging business accounts for76.85%。


The above is about2022 Overall analysis on the current situation, development trend and leading enterprises of China's paper packaging industry

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