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Status quo of self-adhesive label printing
Source: Shenzhen Likexin Industry Co., Ltd Date of issue: 2022-09-22

The adhesive label printing in China can be roughly divided into four levels: primary level, middle level, high-level and special level according to the regional differences, types of users, application scope of labels, degree of hardware configuration facilities and specific conditions of software development.


I. Product characteristics of preliminary label

The label products of the initial level self-adhesive label printing factory are characterized by simple style, generally simple wireframe, text and report. Customers do not have high requirements on the printing quality of label products, nor do they have strict specifications. In addition, another advantage of such labels is their large number, single type and relatively low printing cost.

▶ Consumer group

The key end users of the primary self-adhesive label printing factory are mainly in the application of VIP (variable information content printing) labels, such as shopping malls, stores, electronic industry, warehouse management, daily chemicals and biological medicine. Such customers generally need to carry out secondary printing (or pen writing) for the labels of finished products, such as the labels used in the shopping malls, and print the product name and price on the electronic scale before use; In the shop, the price is printed on the label surface with a pricing gun and pasted on the product surface. This kind of label product is simple in structure, which is conducive to processing.

II. Characteristics of middle level label products

In addition to contracting label products that can be processed by junior and middle-level companies, mid-level printing plants can also process more complex label products, including colorful printed products mainly printed by business outlets, and most of these products are popular products. Customers have certain regulations and requirements on the quality of such products, such as the color of batch products, the guiding accuracy between various color combinations, and the relative density of the same color system of products in mass production.

▶ Consumer group

It is applied in the pharmaceutical industry, general daily chemical industry, daily chemical industry and other fields, among which the label products of the pharmaceutical industry are the key. Due to the characteristics of pharmaceutical labels, it is precisely the business scope that the facility functions and technical strength of the middle level label printing factory can be responsible for. Another advantage of the middle level label printing field is that the customer types are relatively complex, not only short version products but also long version products.

III. Characteristics of high-level label products

It mainly uses colorful label printing, and can use Internet UV glazing, alternate gilding, label adhesive surface printing, round pressing and round film cutting and other processing technologies. The label structure is more complex, and because there are many printing processes for machinery and equipment, one color needs to be printed in multiple processes, which further improves the label quality. Customers have strict requirements and regulations on the printing and processing quality of labels, including the proper use of materials, color, registration and film cutting accuracy of printed matter. Because of the diversity of label processing technology, it is difficult for printing plants without corresponding machinery and equipment to process the same label products. Therefore, the processed labels originally have certain characteristics of anti-counterfeit identification.

▶ Consumer group

Mainly in the field of medium and high quality skin care products and greases, including a few high-quality labels in daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food enterprises. The number of such label products is generally very large, and the order is relatively stable.

IV. Characteristics of products with special level labels

At this stage, there are only a few printing plants at this level in China, and all of them are foreign-funded companies. They introduce the most advanced machinery and equipment, processing technology and technology in the world to China. Such printing plants can process high-quality labels that are popular all over the world, and the printing quality of labels has reached the world-class level.

▶ Consumer group

Mainly famous large enterprises in the world. Because labels of such enterprises were processed overseas before, they need to be processed by such high-quality printing plants after being transferred to China for processing, because the printing plants generally have no ability to process such labels. Other Chinese customers are generally large enterprises with special requirements for label structure. The customer base is basically similar to that of high quality high-level enterprises, but the quality requirements and difficulty coefficient for printing and processing of such labels are much higher than those of general labels.

Different levels have different characteristics and customer groups. In particular, it is worth noting that the level of the printing house is not necessarily in direct proportion to its economic benefits. The division of levels is only to distinguish the sales markets at different levels throughout the country and the needs of printing plant management, so that various printing plants can adopt corresponding production and marketing plans according to their own levels.

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