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Application of self-adhesive label in chemical industry
Source: Shenzhen Likexin Industry Co., Ltd Date of issue: 2022-09-26

With the expansion of the adhesive label production industry and its continuous expansion in the application field, adhesive labels have been widely used in the daily chemical industry. At this stage, the proportion of China's daily chemical products using self-adhesive labels as product labels is higher than 30%. According to the survey, the self-adhesive labels in the current Chinese market still maintain a trend of continuous growth in the daily chemical industry, and are more widely used. The label raw materials will also develop toward high-end and diversified directions.


Daily chemical products have high added value, so there are many brands and fierce market competition. Users choose a product from a variety of products. The appearance of the product packaging is an important factor to attract customers, and the most important part of the external packaging box of daily chemical products is the product label. It can be seen that whether the label is refined or not plays a crucial role. The self-adhesive label can well reflect the content of the identification required by the daily chemical products. It can not only enhance the appearance and color of the products, but also help our customers better understand the details of the products.

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